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My First Telegiz News Articles, All Written in January 2017

I joined Telegiz in the last week of January 2017.  Here are my first articles for Telegiz, written in that period.

'Starcraft II' Free Full Game Download Being Given Away Randomly By Blizzard

January 24 - Some random users of Blizzard's network revealed that they received Starcraft 2 for free from the company.

Call of Duty World League has 176 Teams Competing for Share of $200,000

January 25 - Activision held an e-sports competition for its Call of Duty franchise.

'Fallout 4' Mod Pulls the Iron Giant from the Movie into the Game

January 26 - A Fallout 4 mod adds the Iron Giant from the movie of the same name, into the game.

'SWAT 4 Gold' Finally Available for Purchase after so Many Years; Now DRM-Free on GOG

January 27 - The old game SWAT 4 Gold was released on after being unavailable for years.

'8 Ball Pool' Developer Miniclip Tops Charts in UK and US

January 31 - Mobile developer Miniclip has become one of the top selling publishers in the UK and US.


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This content is not yet available over encrypted connections.