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"God save us all from that evil Satanic Nazi, Paypal."

Yamato Macross 1/48 Low-Visibility VF-1A Valkyrie Box Partially Eaten by Termites

Preparing to move our stuff to the new house, I just found out that the packing box containing my Yamato Macross 1/48 Low-Visibility VF-1A Valkyrie was partially eaten by termites.  The front of the box of the low-viz valk was a flip-up front lid and it was eaten away.  Luckily, the termites weren't able to eat deeper into the box because of the plastic display window behind the flip top front lid of the box.  They couldn't eat their way through plastic.

Free Citrix Study Guides from Citrixxperience

Citrixxperience, a respectable and well regarded provider of study materials for Citrix certification, is now offering all of its incredibly useful study guides and most of its excellent sample exams for free.  Previously, you could only get their products if you bought them.  Even with a price tag, these study materials were worth it and now you can get them for free.