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Hot Summer of 2013 in Quezon City

The summer of 2013 is nearly over.  Unlike last year, I haven't really been productive this year.  Last year, I set goals for myself.  One of those goals was to spend as much time with my kids, and spend them without using gadgets or TV.

I wanted to be able to interact with my kids directly, without using electronic devices.  This was one of the reasons why I bought board and card games for Christmas 2011.  My goal was to interact more often, face to face, with my kids.

Last year, I realized that the best time to be able to spend time with the kids was during summer, since school was out and they could sleep late.  One of my goals last summer was to play board and card games with them as often as possible.  I was able to do that.  My other goals were hit and miss.  Some were partially successful while others were not.

This year, I haven't been as productive because of the heat.  I've spent almost all of my time during the summer in my airconditioned bedroom where the kids are camped out as well.  They sleep here also to share the airconditioning in order to cut down on our electric bill.  This is the coolest place in the house where my family can watch TV and the kids could read or play.

As the summer has gone along, I've spent less and less time in the 3rd floor of our house, which is the location of a lot of the pending work I'm supposed to do.  It's just so hot to stay up there for long periods of time.  Essentially, the summer heat has limited my family to just one room in the 2nd floor.

I'm looking forward to the start of the school year and the coming rainy season.  I'm expecting cooler temperatures that should allow me to work longer around the house.  Summer 2013 has been a wash.  I hope next summer will be better.