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Enjoying Anime with my Kids

I used to be so obsessed with Anime - back in the day, back before my kids were born, back when it was hot, when it was still on primetime, when all TV stations had schedules filled with them. That was just before the arrival of full time anime cable channels.

I think the last anime I really followed was Bubblegum Crisis 2040 on free TV. Oddly, after the two anime cable channels appeared, I slowly stopped following anime.

Maybe the reason was that it wasn't as rare as before. Maybe because I wasn't as starved or deprived of anime so that my hunger for it diminished. Perhaps it just wasn't as unique and novel as before. Perhaps it had become too common and readily available.

I began to doubt if my passion for it was ever real. I wondered if anime really interested me at all or if the only reason I watched anime was because of how scarce it used to be. I didn't know if I watched anime because I had to take advantage of the opportunity to watch whatever anime was available, no matter if they were good or bad.