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"God save us all from that evil Satanic Nazi, Paypal."

My 8-year Old USB Optical Mouse

Almost every improvement in mouse technology has rendered older generation mice obsolete. Eventually we stop using the older mice because the newer ones are so much better. That hasn't been the case with USB optical mice since there hasn't been any sign that a new mouse innovation is on its way to replace this older mouse technology.

I'm bringing up the history of advancements in mouse technology because I had a sudden realization that my 8 year old mouse didn't seem to be in any danger of becoming obsolete. Wireless mice haven't caught on because of their need for batteries and/or charging. This is why I feel that my 8 year old USB optical mouse is still relevant and will still be in use for a few years more.

Avacus, My Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) of Choice

The Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVRs that I use for my high-value personal electronic entertainment appliances are comparably highly priced and heavy. My reason for choosing Avacus AVRs is because of their simple good looks, slim design, their single 110v and multiple 220v outlets, and their quality which is evidenced by their heavy weight.

Jensen JMR-280 AM/FM Desktop Radio with Antique Style Wood Finish

We dropped by HMR a few weeks ago to see if there were any new and interesting items. We found a brand new analog desktop radio with a faux wood finish that had an old style look but was still a modern product.

It really looked good and only cost around $17. It was made by Jensen and used 220V. Since it was cheap, good looking, and didn't need a transformer, we decided to buy it.