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The aim of this blog is to collect and archive my selected thoughts, ideas, feelings, reactions, and opinions on subject matters that pique my interest. These entries represent initial drafts that may contain grammatical and spelling errors and whose substance and position could still change, and which, at some point, I could decide to put together into in-depth articles that will be posted on the main Saved Content and Poverty Sucks sites.

"God save us all from that evil Satanic Nazi, Paypal."

Linksys WRT54G v7 Piece of Crap Router

I sometimes wonder why, of all the WRT54G router models my family could have gotten as our home broadband router, we ended up with the only version that used an Atheros chipset that is unsupported by any alternative firmware - DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, etc., instead of the more common Broadcom chipset which is widely supported.  Not only does it limit the possibilities we could eventually perform with the router, it also limits its resale value.
This WRT54G version 7 model is a piece of crap which Linksys should never have produced.  It seems Linksys has learned its lesson, and has since brought out later models only with the Broadcom chipset.

Problem with WRT54G v7 Router and Broadband Connection

We've been having issues with our router and/or shared broadband connection here at home for the past few days.  My first thought was that P2P downloading from two machines on our home network were eating up bandwidth and causing the browsing slowdown or connection failures on other machines.  A symptom of this would be the inability to connect to the web admin interface of the router.  In the past few days, many of us in my family who depend on web access to do our work, were frustrated and had a very difficult time in completing our jobs.

Since my wife urgently needed unhindered, continuous, and stable web access, I had to block all TCP/UDP ports above the list of well-known ports which are between 0 and 1023.  That includes most ephemereal ports.  I blocked TCP/UDP ports 1025 to 65535 on our Linksys WRT54G v7 wireless router which still had the default firmware of 7.00.0.  This allowed most of us who relied on the web to be able to continue with our work uninterrupted.

The problem was that my brother, who pays for our Internet connection, owned one of the machines that was doing the downloading.  I could not block ports 1025 to 65535 permanently.  Another reason why I felt that blocking the ports permanently was not a good solution, was that, at some point in the future, I was also going to be doing some P2P downloading.

A Daunting but Hopeful Start of a New Journey

It's the 1st of September, 2009 and I've just completed the Saved Content homepage and setup my first blog, The Official Saved Content Blog, which will soon be hosted at, after DNS changes have been replicated.  Right now, it's hosted at
I am offically starting to push the Saved Content website and the Saved Content Blog during a turbulent time in my life.  I am currently unemployed after I resigned due to stress at a large multinational corporation. 
I am also encountering many obstacles and pressures, first and foremost, from my spouse, who has oftentimes in the past, doubted and questioned my ability to successfully complete any of the endeavors I've initiated.  She has good reason to believe this due to our past experiences.  However, failures should not stop people from attempting new ventures.  
Although my spouse feels this is a waste of time and does not believe in or supports this undertaking, I will endeavor to succeed no matter what.  My vision for the Saved Content website is presented below.
The raison d'ĂȘtre of the Saved Content website, is to serve and preserve useful content in order to provide relevant information and advertising that will aid web surfers in supplementing their knowledge, forming their decisions, fulfilling their needs, and guiding them to their eventual destinations or goals.