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Goodbye GeoCities and Thanks

Yesterday was October 26, 2009 and this was supposed to be the last day that my GeoCities site will be accessible because, today, GeoCities will be closing forever.  I'd been gearing up for this day ever since I first read about GeoCities' impending closure around June of this year.

It was extremely disturbing for me since, not only was my GeoCities site ranked highly for a few search terms in Google but any page linked to it would also rank highly in search results of Google and, given my situation at work, it seemed that I wouldn't have the time to look for an alternate site and implement forwarding so that the new site will be listed in search engines instead of the GeoCities site.  Doing this would preserve my website's ranking in search results.

However, good thing I found the time when I resigned from my job.  I took the opportunity of having more time to develop my websites and my primary goals were to move my main website from GeoCities to SourceForge and preserve its search engine ranking and what is commonly called, "link juice".