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"God save us all from that evil Satanic Nazi, Paypal."

Finally, One Publisher of an Android Game Reduces its Installed Size

Software tends to grow in size over time as it adds features and receives improvements.  This is also true for mobile games.  In fact, the problem of large games is magnified on mobile devices.

Unlike PCs, mobile devices do not have as much storage space.  Their internal storage cannot be upgraded and there is a limit to the amount of memory card storage that can be added.  Eventually mobile device users will run out of space if they have large games installed.

'Clash Royale', 'Minecraft', and 9 Other Mobile Games Got Updated This Past Week

11 mobile games got updates this past week.  Of those games, the most well-known were "Clash Royale" from Supercell and "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" from Mojang/Microsoft.

Google Finally Follows Apple in Allowing 100% Discounts on Apps

I've been using the iOS app, AppZapp for 5 years now, ever since we bought our first iOS device,  AppZapp tracks any changes made to an app on the iOS App Store.

A significant feature of AppZapp is that it monitors price changes.  Most importantly, the app finds other apps on the App Store that have dropped in price to zero, making the app temporarily free in price.

'Pacific Rim' Director Really Hates Konami

It appears that Guillermo del Toro, director of "Hellboy" and "Pacific Rim", harbors a lot of hatred for Konami.  He has twice posted insults on Twitter aimed at the video game company.

Younger Gamers Now Prefer Newer Final Fantasy Characters

A poll of Japanese students revealed their favorite female characters of the Final Fantasy series.  Three of the top five characters chosen were from the most recent of the past releases from the franchise.  This seems to be the result of the younger generation's greater familiarity with the newer titles compared to the old ones.