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Goodbye Original XBOX Live

On April 15, 2010, Microsoft discontinued XBOX Live support for the original XBOX (aka XBOX1).  After April 15, owners of XBOX1 games will no longer be able to download XBOX DLC and XBOX game patches from either the XBOX 360 or the old XBOX.

They also won't be able to play online multiplayer gaming sessions anymore.  XBOX 360 games will not be affected and users playing these XBOX 360 games may in fact benefit from the removal of support for the old XBOX.

Two months back, Marc Whitten, the XBOX Live general manager, announced on February 5, in an official letter to the XBOX Live community, that XBOX Live support for the original XBOX would be discontinued.

225mb Free Space Left on XBOX 360 Internal Memory After System Update

When I first got my Jasper XBOX 360 with 512mb internal memory, I discovered that the capacity of the internal memory unit was actually 451mb with 323mb free space left.  After my first system update without the hard disk attached, I found that the free space remaining went down to 225mb or around half of the internal memory capacity.

I expected this to dwindle further after the latest system update.  However, the free space of the internal memory unit remained at 225mb after the update.  This led me to believe it's currently normal to have around 225mb free space left after the latest system updates.