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23 Underrated XBLIG Gems - Goodbye Xbox Live Indie Games Part 3

Most of the popular or critically-acclaimed Xbox Live Indie Game titles can be found in the top 1000 user-rated rankings on the Xbox Marketplace.  Most of the XBLIG games I bought or plan to buy can be found within the top 1000.

There are a few Xbox 360 indie games though that I found that I liked which I bought or still plan to buy, that were not in the top 1000 user-rated titles.  Being outside the top 1000 means that these games are usually unnoticed by prospective buyers.  These games are not only underrated, they are left underappreciated.

Top XBLIG Lists - Goodbye Xbox Live Indie Games Part 2

Lists of the top Xbox Live Indie Games are few and far between.  Lists like these are important for Xbox 360 owners to be able to decide which indie games to buy.

My Top 13 $3 XBLIG Games - Goodbye Xbox Live Indie Games Part 1

On September 9, 2015, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Live Indie Games or XBLIG program would cease to exist sometime in September 2017.  At that time, they did not provide an exact date.  This prompted me to hurriedly buy a few indie games before the end of July.

My Telegiz Articles for February 2017

Here are the articles that I wrote for Telegiz in the month of February in 2017.  There are 10 articles in all for that month.

'Final Fantasy' Poll Reveals Five Most Popular Heroines in Franchise History in Japan

February 2 - A small survey of college students produced a list of the five most popular female characters in the "Final Fantasy" franchise.

Konami Bashed Again By 'Pacific Rim' Director Guillermo del Toro

February 3 - Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro continues his tirade against the video game company Konami.

'Hearthstone' Update from Blizzard Finally Makes Android App Size Smaller

February 4 - Blizzard released an update for the game "Hearthstone" which reduces the installed size of the game.

'Destiny' Update From Bungie Will Address Issues with Crucible Balance

February 7 - Bungie hopes to fix Crucible balance issues in its online multiplayer game, "Destiny", with a new update.

First White Dwarf That Acts Like Pulsar Discovered by Astronomers

February 9 - Astronomers have discovered the first white dwarf that acts like a pulsar.

A Supermassive Black Hole has not Stopped Devouring a Star After a Decade

February 14 - A supermassive black hole that is consuming a star has not stopped even after ten years of activity.

'Dota 2' Update 7.02 Has Been Released by Valve

February 15 - Video game publisher Valve released update 7.02 for the online multiplayer game, "Dota 2".

GTA 4' Sales Spikes After Backward Compatibility; Performance Issues on Xbox One

February 15 - After the Xbox 360 game, "Grand Theft Auto IV", was made backward compatible with the Xbox One, sales of the game increased on Amazon.

The "Draft Challenge" of Supercell's "Clash Royale" Held for the 3rd Time in as Many Months

February 25 - Supercell offered once more, the "Draft Challenge" game mode for its mobile game "Clash Royale".

'Uncharted,' 'Assassin's Creed,' 'Metal Gear Solid' Developers Featured in Free YouTube Series

February 25 - The "Game Makers" is a free YouTube documentary video series which features interviews with game developers that discusses their craft.


This content is not yet available over encrypted connections.