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Searching for Philippine Jobs on Global Classified Ad Sites

In the process of trying to find a job, I decided to compile a list of websites where job listings can be found.  Compiling the list proved to be daunting since there were a number of different types of websites that I needed to sift through if I wanted the list to be as comprehensive as I wanted.

The primary sites for online job posts are job websites such as  Other types of websites that contain job listings are job listing aggregators and online classified ad websites.

For each of these types of websites, they can also be further segregated into sites that are focused only on local jobs, sites that cater to regional job seekers, and then sites that offer job listings located around the world.

Due to the difficulty of classifying and then compiling numerous websites, I have had to focus my attention on just one type of job listing website at a time.  The first article will concentrate on global classified ad websites.

Classified ad websites are sites that allow users to post classified ads for free and they will be limited to those websites that have a worldwide presence.  Please have a look at the article, "Top Global Classified Ad Websites with Philippine Job Listings".


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